Dough Divider Machine SA300

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Dough Dividers are used to divide dough into preselected portions from 50 to 300gr

  • This machine is used to Divide the dough into preselected weight portions 50 to 300 grams
  • Unit is supplied with 5 cones 50/90, 80/130, 120/180, 170/230, 220/300 grams
  • Top Hopper will hold 30kg of unleavened dough at a maximum temperature of between 15 to 20_C
  • Fitted with 2 safety switches
  • Easy adjustment of the cutting knife
  • Divided dough simply drops into the rounding machine sited underneath
  • A hard dough is recommended for a better final product.

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Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 51 x 83 x 53 cm
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