Warewashing Equipment

We have a wide range of ware washing equipment here at Pizza Direct. Here are a few examples of what ware wash equipment we have for sale; Dishwashers, glass and cutlery polishers and glass washers. In all these different categories we have brands like; Vogue,Cambro, imc, Frucosol, Class EQ etc. All of these brands are very good quality and have been in the catering field for many years. They are also known for reliability and giving years of good service They also come with a warranty which will give you peace of mind over purchasing. All of the products in this category are of superb quality and they have been manufactured very well. They have also been put through rigorous testing to make sure that they hit an high standard. All of the products in this category are the ones that catering companies turn to as they know that they are good quality and they are very reliable products.