Multideck Units

Pizza Direct Stocks a wide range of Multideck Units. The brand that stocks our Multideck Units is called Genfrost who have been making things like this for many years. They will not settle for anything less than perfect that is why they rigorously test their products to make sure they are high quality. All of the products in this category are of very good quality and they are manufactured to a very high standard. All of our Multideck Units come with a LCD temperature display to show you what temperature the Multideck unit is running at. They also have adjustable shelves so that you adjust them to suit your preference. All of the products in this category have their exterior made out of stainless steel to give the product more durability and more reliability and to also make it easier to clean when it needs it. All of our Multideck products in this category come in different sizes to cater for every business owners needs.