Ice Cream Freezers

If you need an Ice Cream Freezer then Pizza Direct is the place to come we have a wide range of them. The people who make our Ice Cream Freezers is called Genfrost. They specialise in making catering equipment including Ice Cream Freezers. All of the products in this category come with a rear stainless steel worktop which will make the products more robust and prevent them from going rusty. Genfrost have been making Ice Cream Freezers and catering equipment for many years so they know what they are doing when it comes to Ice Cream Freezers. They are perfectionists which means they will not put up with any products that are not perfect as they have to pass their quality test. All of the products in this category come with a manual night blind which will cover your food products at night when you are not using them. You can also choose between having a wood finish and you also have a choice of what trims you can have on them.