Potato Peeler & Chippers

Potato Peelers and chippers are available to buy from Pizza Direct. Here are a few examples of what brands we have in stock that make potato peelers and chippers; DE Buyer, Tellier and Vogue. All of these brands have had years of experience between them and they are the ones that catering companies turn to as they can trust these brands to be reliable and give them years of good service and the quality of them are very good. Most of the products in this category are made out of stainless steel which means the build quality is excellent and it also means they are very durable and very reliable and they will last the test of time. All of the products in this range have got very sharp blades which means they can cut anything. All of our DE Buyer, Tellier and Vogue products in this category are manufactured to the highest standard and they are of excellent quality.