Salamander Grills

Salamander grills are available to buy from Pizza Direct. All of our salamander grills that we stock are made by brands like Lincat, Parry and Roller grill. They are all manufactured of the finest quality. Some of our salamander grills have an audible timer which means that this tells you when your food has been cooked they even have energy consumption which means that the product is always saving energy and keeping your electricity bills low. All of our salamander grills have been rigorously tested to meet the manufactures high standards. They also come with a reliable performance and a long lifespan. All of our machines are either made in France or made in Britain. All of our Salamander grills will also give you years of good service and efficiency. They will also give you better quality of food which is more healthier. Some of the products in this category can be wall mounted or free standing depending on which product you go for.