Pasta Boiler Fryers

Here at Pizza Direct we have a wide range of Pasta Boiler Fryers here is some examples of what we sell; Lincat Pasta boilers etc. Pasta Boilers are better than convection fryers because they are more healthier and they make your food taste better as they do not cook in fat. All our Pasta boilers are very compact and they will fit in any tight space so you dont have to worry about having enough room they are also very reliable and they are made out of corrosion resistant stainless steel which means they will never go rusty. They also have a hinging element which makes it easy to clean and maintain. All our pasta Boilers come with a 2 year full warranty and they are designed and made in Britain meaning they are of excellent quality. All catering companies turn to Pasta boilers as they know that they are more healthier than other products that are out on the market.