Crepe & Waffle Makers

At Pizza Direct we sell a wide range of Crepe and waffle makers here is a selection of what we have in stock; Roller grill electric double plate crepe machines, Roller grill waffle irons, Roller grill electric single plate crepe machines etc. All of our Roller grill crepe machines are designed and made in France. All Roller grill crepe machines are made out of cast iron plates meaning they are very strong products. The rest of crepe and waffle machines are made out of cast iron as well. All of the products in this category are manufactured to the highest standard and they are of excellent quality. If you are interested in one of our crepe and waffle machines please contact us via email or social media and one of the team will be happy to help. We can also deliver your crepe and waffle maker for free as it is free delivery for orders over £99.00.