Chicken Shop

The chicken shop range has all you need to start off your chicken shop business. If you are looking for a pressure fryer that cooks delicious tasting chicken or you are after a kebab machine that makes the quality of kebabs taste exquisite then we carter for all catering businesses. The chicken shop also has some of the leading brands in the catering business such as Henny Penny, Archway and Lincat. Bain maries are an essential for any chicken shop business as they keep your food at a warm temperature for up to 2 hours this means that you have no need to worry about food going cold. Bain maries also come in different configurations dry and wet dependent on what your requirements are. The pressure fryers cook the most delicious tasting chicken the world leaders of them are Henny penny they come with 12 psi pressure which allows you to cook quicker at a very small temperature.