Here at Pizza Direct we sell a wide range of Magikitch’n Equipment. Here are a few examples of some of their products we sell; Gas Charbroiler Counter top 13 inches, Gas Charbroiler Counter Top 17 inches etc. Their products are used in Places like KFC, Burger King, Morrisons etc. Their products are made in the USA and they are of very good quality and they are sure to last you years. Magikitch’n Products are the name that catering companies and big name companies turn to as they know the quality is good and they also know that they are very reliable. All their products are heavy duty and some of them are energy efficient which means you can save money on your electricity bills. Magikitch’n Products also cooks food very well compared to other products which means your food will never be uncooked or overcooked again this will then bring satisfaction to your customers.