We offer a huge range of Genfrost products here at Pizza Direct Here are a few examples of the products that we sell; 3 Door Granite counters, 1 Door Pizza Granite Top with Drawers, 2 Door flat Glass Saladette etc. Some Genfrost products are energy efficient which means that you save money on your electricity bills and they are also cheap to run. All of their products that we sell come with a full 2 year parts warranty. Genfrost products are always tested by them for quality as they are not satisfied if one of their products is not perfect. their products are manufactured well and they are always of fantastic quality. Their brand has earnt an excellent reputation as their products are always consistently good and they are always very reliable and their products will last you a long time. If you order a Genfrost product off us then on some of them you can add casters to your order please ask staff for details.