Bolero Equipment is known for making dining room tables and chairs that are good quality. We have a good selection here at Pizza Direct e.g. Tables, Chairs etc. All Bolero equipment Comes with a 12 Month Warranty so should anything happen please contact us and one of our team will help you with your warranty claim. All their equipment is well built and it will last the test of time. Bolero Equipment also makes slip resistant mats so unlike a convectional mat where if it was wet you would slip Bolero slip resistant mats make sure that even in wet weather you are being prevented from falling. Unsure what Bolero product to choose please don’t hesitate to contact us by either requesting a callback or by emailing us on [email protected] and one of our team will assist you we can even show you how the products work by coming down to our showroom in Bolton or by asking for a YouTube tutorial.