Slush Syrup

We stock a wide range of Slush Syrup here at Pizza Direct here are the flavours that we sell; Blue raspberry syrup 5 litres, Cola slush syrup 5 Litres, Lemon and lime slush syrup 5 Litres etc. All of our slush syrup has a dilution ratio so you know what parts are water and what parts the syrup are. All of our Slush syrup has a net weight of 4.5 kg per packet this will help you when pouring in the different parts of the syrup. All of our products in this category comes with a 1 year warranty so if there is anything wrong with the products please contact us and then we will assist you further. If you cant find the slush syrup that you need please contact us and one of our team will help you find what you need. Alternatively you can send us message on social media and we will assist you that way.