Coffee Machines & Grinders

Here at Pizza Direct we offer a wide range of coffee machines and grinders. Here are a few examples of what coffee machines and grinders we sell; Expobar Crem coffee machines,Marco coffee machines etc. All our Coffee machines are well manufactured and are of superb quality. We also sell coffee machine grinders here is an example of what coffee grinders we sell; Exobar Club Coffee grinder 20502, Exobar Marfil Coffee Grinder, Exobar Mignon Coffee Grinder 20501, Exobar Olypus K Coffee grinder 20503 etc. We also sell accessories for your coffee machines and grinders here are a few examples of our accessories that we stock; Exobar Coffee Tamper, coffee cups, Exobar compact under grinder drawer, Exobar presentation box barista kit 20130, Exobar milk pitcher jug etc. All of our Coffee Machines,Grinders and accessories come with a 1 year warranty for parts. If you have any questions about any of these products in this category please contact the team for details.