Roller Grill 60 Litre Convection Oven FC60TQ

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Roller Grill FC 60TQ convection oven with upper quartz grill with fan for browning / glazing.

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Product Description

Utilising different combinations of the rear element base element and infrared grill the FC60Turbo-Quartz is a powerful versatile unit. Standard convection: rear element and fan for even cooking of a variety of food from pastries to roasts pies and pasties to demi-baguettes. Lower element and fan: gentle slow cook for delicate cakes etc. Turbo Quartz quartz grill + base element + fan save upto 30% off cooking times for meat fish etc. Quartz grill for gratinating / browning of dishes Fan only as a defrost chamber. Features heat source selector 2 hour timer internal light 300’C thermostat twin glass door. Supplied with 4 wire grid shelves.

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Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 59.5 x 61.0 x 59.0 cm

Power 3 KW
Power connection 13 amp plug

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