Magikitch’n Gas Charbroiler 13″ Counter Top APM-660

From: £5,850.00

If you require a Heavy Duty Long Lasting machine that will cook your ingredients to perfection then look no further!

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    Product Description

    • Burners:13
    • V-shaped radiant for each burner.
    • Heavy Duty Burners
    • Free floating top grid. ½” steel rods allow expansion & contraction without warping
    • Tilt top grid drains grease into the front trough.
    • Round top grid with standard spacing & quick lift handle.
    • Convertible radiant design to coal style.
    • Fully insulated double walled outer cabinet.
    • Suspended crumb trays & grease box with handles.
    • 6″ stainless steel shelf.
    • Towel bar for utensil storage.
    • Runner tube pilot system.
    • Individual front burner controls for precise regulation.
    • Top grid scraper.
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    Counter space: 1520 x 900mm.
    Cooking area: 9063cm2.

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    195’000 BTU

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