Infernus Char-Broiler 600 INF-CB610

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The infernus charbroiler is suitable for any busy restaurant or takeaway

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Product Description

Commercial radiant heat grill is ideal for busy commercial establishments.

Made from Stainless Steel for lasting quality and a hygienic finish.

The char-broiler uses a gas flame, which is covered by a metal shield, to heat the grill. When the meat juices drip onto the shields and smoke they create the uniquely delicious char-broiled taste. Radiant heat char broilers use heat more efficiently, provide a very even heat across the grill and have no lava rocks to replace. Add water to the tray for extra humidity during cooking.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 61 x 70 x 38.5 cm


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Stainless Steel exterior & Tray

LPG or NAT gas

Power: 19.0 kw

(2x) Double burners

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