Frucosol Cutlery polisher SH3000

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  Designed for drying and polishing the cutlery,getting them bright and removing any lime mark. The cutlery have to be introduced in bunches through the upper opening as soon as you take it from the dishwasher.       

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Product Description

This automatic cutlery dryer machine is designed to dry and polish the cutlery after washing it, getting it brighter and removing the water and lime marks. It dries and polishes automatically your cutlery (not only stainless steel but also silver ones).

It is manufactured in stainless Steel, something that makes it stronger and more reliable when you are working with it.

Thanks to the small dimensions and compact design it is ideal to Work over any surface.

Our machines are much quieter due to the great advantage of installing a fan motor at the end of the circuit. This fan motor provides the machine with hot air, so the wet cutlery will be completely dry and it will remove the humidity from the machine.

The UV lamp we have installed in the machine helps us to sterilize the cutlery and granulate during the process.

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Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 57 x 55 x 40 cm

Consumption 750 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz Single Phase

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