Frucosol F50A Compact Automatic Citrus Juicer extra large capacity

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The Frucosol F-50-A is completely automatic and easy to use. Also, cleaning after use is a breeze. Dismantling, rinsing and reassembling the parts that come into contact with the juice is incredibly quick and uncomplicated.
20-25 fruits/min
Feeder capacity 12 Kg of fruits

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Product Description

Orange juicer of automatic feeding, ideal for any type of business. The upper side of the machine will catch your customers’ attention showing the oranges that are going to be squeezed.

The automatic feeder makes the machine to be more powerful and faster to attend high demands of juice.

It is manufactured in stainless steel that makes it strong and reliable; its cleanliness is also fast and easy.

It is recommended for: self service restaurants, buffets, hotels, traditional restaurants,… businesses that offer more than 30 juices every day.

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Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 47 x 62 x 78.5 cm

Consumption 460 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz

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