Coffee Queen Juice Machine Nordic S301012

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The nordic model allows you to serve three products and water. The dispenser is easy to clean as it has no pump and minimum of moving parts. Adjustable mixing ratio and drip tray with drain. Water cooler and bag-in-box rack as option.

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Product Description

Juice is fruity, refreshing and healthy, If it is also served from one of Coffee Queen juice dispensers, it is quick, flexible and easy to enjoy. The Coffee Queen juice dispensers offer maximum capacity yet require minimal space. The NORDIC takes up to 3 x 10 litres of juice concentrate.

Additional options to go with the Nordic include:
• NORDIC stainless steel stand to enable serving juice directly into a jug.
• NORDIC stand drip tray without drain fitting
• Cleaning bottle: plastic bottle used for running cleaning detergent through outlet valves
• Cleaning brush for cleaning your juice machine

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Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 550 x 385 x 750 cm

• Capacity: 325 20 cl cups/h
• Cold water connection ¾” R
Power Supply: 240 V in / 550W

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